Shrimp Enchiladas – Shrimp with special sauce and melted cheese, served with Spanish rice and refried beans.

Fish Tacos (Tilapia) – Served with Spanish rice, beans, lettuce and pico de gallo

Camaron Chimichanga (Shrimp Chimichanga) – Fried flour tortilla filled with shrimp and cheese covered with special sauce and served with rice and beans.

Camrones “a la Diabla” – Delicious fresh shrimp sautéed in butter with or special sauce and served with rice and beans

Fajita Vallarta – This is a seafood feast at your table!  Shrimp, clams and fish, get together on a mild tomato sauce served on a hot skillet

Camarones con Arroz – Luscious shrimp simmered in a spicy sauce, served with Mexican style rice

Camarones Guadalajara – Shrimp wrapped in bacon, grilled onions and pepper with melted Monterey Jack cheese, served with rice & beans.

Tilapia & Shrimp – Grilled tilapia and shrimp garnished with rice, pico de gallo and salad